‘Professional, enthusiastic and succeeding in all that she turns her hand to’

«The Sunseeker London Group have known Rachel for many years and have found her to be professional, enthusiastic and succeeding in all that she turns her hand to.  We look forward to working with her in her new venture in the future ».
David Lewis, Managing Director

‘She truly understands the needs of a luxury brand’

«I’ve worked with Rachel for a number of years and she truly understands the needs of a luxury brand and how to target new customers».
Chris Orlikowski, Group Director PR & Communications

‘Eden Events were completely professional and I look forward to working with them again soon’

«I’ve know Rachel on the island now for a number of years and we have always worked well together.  Eden Events recently launched a new art exhibition in my showroom and they put together a fabulous event with food, drinks, music etc.. The evening was filled with great energy and between us the right guests came and enjoyed so much.  Eden Events were completely professional and I look forward to working with them again soon..».
Karin Mehnert, Founder & CEO

‘Everyone needs a Rachel’

«Without Rachel and the team at Eden Events, iFUSE Drinks would not have launched on time, in style, and with the dynamic impact it did in Ibiza. A quick backstory on our situation: we started iFUSE in mid-April with a goal to launch our water brand in Ibiza for opening weekend and IMS May 22. With only 9 days before the launch event, nearly nothing planned, and an event planner who just dropped out, I handed a nearly impossible task to Rachel. She eagerly accepted the challenge, and after our first phone call, I knew she was the right woman for the job. With me in the US and my partners in UK and Ireland, Rachel was the only one on the island, yet was still able to bring every detail of the event to life. They had most of the work done by the time we arrived to Ibiza, but with what was left to do, the team at Eden Events were absolutely delightful to work with. Each person went out of their way to ensure we were happy and our event was successful. The planning required creativity, improvisation, thinking-on-your-feet, there were hurdles and budgetary concerns, tight deadlines…and I’m a pretty particular person. Quite a tall order for someone with just over a week to pull it off, and it was literally perfect. In fact, I was so impressed with the Eden Events team that I put them in my branded iFUSE shirts and had them interact with the guests as part of my own team. They were greeting people, showing them around, introducing them to iFUSE, and buzzing around making sure everything was perfect. Had we not chosen to hire Rachel for our launch, it simply would not have happened. We made the right choice and every single aspect was perfectly in place- the catering was phenomenal, the product displays were perfect, the bar was second to none, the guest engagement was at its highest, and the brand shined and impacted people as it was supposed to. Rachel was instrumental in every aspect…I couldn’t be more proud and thankful of her and her Eden Events Team. Thank you, a million times, over, Rachel!».

Bill Monroe, Founder & CEO

‘Rachel sets the bar high’

«Having worked with Rachel for a number of years, I can say that it is rare to find someone who works with such tenacity and determination to deliver on her objectives. Rachel sets the bar high and reaches it every time».
Andrew Palmer, Director

‘Service has always been courteous and efficient’

«Boodles have worked with Rachel on numerous publications over many years. Her approach to work has always been to find the best solution for the client. Service has always been courteous and efficient. Importantly we have had fun».
Michael Wainwright, Managing Director

‘Oh my days…..this is incredible’

«Working with Rachel and her Eden Events team has been an absolute pleasure from the first phone call we shared. Rachel has a very calm and reassuring way about her which is exactly what you need when you’re throwing an event. In the build up to the event, no obstacle was too much and she exceeded our expectations in all departments. Already looking forward to working with Rachel and her team again on future projects».
Pete Madigan, Co Founder

‘Professional, determined and trusted’

«I worked with Rachel for the last 3 years and found her professional, determined and trusted. She helped us with our customer magazine and introduced us to like minded luxury brands».
Tom King, Marketing Director