Eden Events have curated alternative ways people can enjoy this season in Ibiza. With COVID-19 and the stay-at-home message continuing we are offering you a lunch or dinner experience, for an elegant and original gathering, within the comfort and safety of your own villa.

Firstly, based on your needs our concierge team can find you the perfect villa. There are so many fun things we can then organize for you. Collaborating with the most talented artists living here in Ibiza we have put together some fantastic in-house dining events.  Working with singers, musicians, bands, dancers, acrobats, and all types of live performers to fulfill all your desires, ensuring you and all your guests are completely wowed.

Partnering with ‘The Chef’, one of Ibiza’s finest catering companies, we offer you a choice of delicious BBQ, tapas, or fine dining menu options. Otherwise choose a tasting menu specifically designed for our shows and each scene, ensuring a seamless journey of discovery for every one of your senses.

For lunch experiences, why not surprise a birthday guest with a solo vocal, harp, or guitar performance. Choose a Musical Trio (vocals, violin, and double bass) for some chilled, jazzy, easy listening lunch ambiance.

How about adding a sprinkle of magic and fantasy to your poolside lunch, with live music performed by beautiful mermaid musicians, an acrobatic DJ or a contortionist ariel show.

For dinner, you can book a party band to get your guests out of their seats and dancing the night away. Select your favorite tunes beforehand and we will create an Acoustic and DJ set to enhance your dinner time and experience. Get everyone singing their favorite Ibiza club classics with our Dinner and Karaoke club nights.

Add to the magic with a night of incredible live performances alongside a DJ/Vocal set:  Chose from dancers, magicians, ariel-performers, fire-eaters, and contortionists and we will ensure your party is unforgettable.

Tell us your wildest dreams and Eden Events will ensure you and your guests experience an unparalleled party to remember.

Miss Eden