As the island slowly awakens from the winter and COVID-19 lockdown slumber, all eyes turn to the almond trees, a spectacular blanket of white blossom covering the island. There are so many beautiful walks in Ibiza, but at this time of year most head for Santa Agnès.

In a wide valley that surrounds the small town of Santa Agnès de Corona, grow hundreds of almond trees in blossom, with white flowers that inebriate the air with their sweet scent between late January and February. If you are on the island you cannot miss the chance to go and appreciate one of the best “shows” Ibiza’s nature has to offer.

We recently had a beautiful walk through these fields, on a great windy – yet sunny – day, enjoying the kaleidoscopic contrasts of Ibiza’s countryside: green lawns, colourful flowers, and cobalt skies.  On a typical walk here, you head to Las Puertas del Cielo, one of Ibiza’s best lookout points.  Standing on the edge of the land, gazing out to sea, you feel a real sense of calm yet fuelling energy for your mind, body, and soul.  Make sure you take a moment to breathe in all that magic!

In other months, although the almond trees may not be in blossom, Santa Agnès’ countryside remains one of the most authentic places to visit.  So, do not miss it if you come to the island – and if you did fancy staying here, our favourite family-run hotel Es Cucons is a must!  An original farmhouse, located in the heart of the picturesque valley, Es Cucons was built in 1652 and reformed by the current owners in 1997. They have been welcoming guests from all over the globe since the year 2000.

Art and design play an important role in this unique Ibiza hotel, alongside lovingly prepared Mediterranean cuisine and an array of health and beauty therapies. Holidays here are spent connecting with nature, and relaxing in a unique setting with like-minded friends, families, couples, and creatives.

The restaurant, spa and boutique are ideal spots to nourish your body and nurture your mind, while your bedroom or suite is the perfect place to retreat to blissful silence.  Whatever you are seeking from your Ibiza holiday, we are sure you will find it at Es Cucons.

It is only mid-February but a very generous 17 degrees most days.  At weekends, if the Ibiza locals are not walking, they typically gather for picnics. On a stunning coastline full of deserted beaches, there are plenty of delightful spots to choose from. This is where you can relax and really start to feel the pre-season magic.  It is warm and peaceful, and if you are one of Ibiza’s wellness sea-warriors it is just about bearable to jump in!

We set up a picnic recently at Cala Conta and soaked up the sun and scenery while we relaxed and ate our delicious spread.

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